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Lead Higher

There are few roles in life that have greater impact on the world than that of a leader. Great leaders inspire great movements. Great movements inspire great innovations. Great innovations inspire and transform the world. Today, each of us has the opportunity to inspire and transform our world. But great leadership isn't something one is born with; it's something we learn, develop and grow.

2018 is going to be another great year for the Global Leadership Summit with fresh, actionable and inspiring leadership content. Once again, we will be simulcasting the Global Leadership Summit live from Century II Convention Center on August 9-10, 2018. This will be a day of faith, business and academia accessible to everyone in the Wichita area. Join your local and global peers to learn how to maximize your leadership.

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About The GLS

The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) is a world-class experience designed for leaders who want to get better and embrace their grander vision. It presents the opportunity to sharpen leadership skills and develop the people you lead. The GLS is broadcast live from Willow Creek Association's campus near Chicago to over 375 Premier Host Sites in North America and helps leaders become better by improving teamwork, effectiveness and significance.

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Make A Difference

Join a coalition of businesses, churches, nonprofits and community leaders, who through this singular event, are working to be the catalyst of change that Wichita needs. Become a church partner, sponsor the event or register to attend the live simulcast today!

The Global Leadership Summit |
August 9-10, 2018 |
Century II, Wichita, KS

Locally Sponsored by Pathway Church |
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