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The Event

There are few roles in life that have greater impact on the world than that of a leader. Great leaders inspire great movements. Great movements inspire great innovations. Great innovations inspire and transform the world.

The Global Leadership SummitLeadership isn’t something we are born with; it’s something we learn, develop and grow. Leadership isn’t a position; it’s something we each have the opportunity to live out wherever we are.

The Global Leadership Summit is a powerful tool to help each of us on this leadership journey, equipping us with the knowledge and skills needed to unlock our potential.

Now, more than ever, Wichita needs great leaders. We have a responsibility and privilege to hone our skills. From strain on families, to economic struggles, to political instability, our community needs us to step up and lead higher.

2020 is going to be another great year for the Global Leadership Summit. We will be simulcasting the Global Leadership Summit live from INTRUST Bank Arena on August 6 – 7. Our aim is to share with Wichita some of the country’s most influential leaders in faith, business and academia.

We’re proud to host one of the world’s largest viewing sites right here in our hometown. We hope you’ll join the coalition of businesses, churches, nonprofits and community leaders who, through this singular event, are working to be catalysts of change and lead higher in Wichita.

Only $99 using the code 20TGLSWICHITA!

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Lead Wichita

Our Mission

We leverage the GLS to transform our community.

  • As we are inspired and challenged to grow our ability to lead others, we will become more Christ-like in the way we live.
  • As we become better leaders, our organizations (Churches, Businesses, Schools, Health Care, Government and Non-Profits) will more effectively serve others and work together cooperatively so that Wichita can flourish as a city.
  • As Wichita and South-Central Kansas flourish, families will become stronger, organizations will become more effective and the ripple effects will spread across the country and around the world.

Our Values

  • We value and care about every person, regardless of their race, gender, religion or background, and we want to help them lead more effectively.
  • We are Christ-focused in our approach, but believe we can learn and apply truth from many different philosophies and backgrounds.
  • We believe in Wichita and that our future is brighter than it ever has been.
  • We believe that the synergy of people coming together in continuous learning and growth is a powerful force to leverage the energy of the Global Leadership Summit.

The Details

Wichita needs great leaders. The Global Leadership Summit is a transformative two-day live simulcast event where you and your team will learn from the world’s most influential leaders in business, faith, academia and nonprofit.